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Coaching for children, families and individuals. Giving you tools to see you thrive through life's ups and downs.



Amanda Staniford, Expansion coach. 

Working with children and adults to help them see their true potential and embrace it fully.

I'm passionate about helping you to see your true potential. My job is to teach you the tools to elevate your current life situation and turn it into the life of your dreams, to give you the support and skills to step into your truth and embrace who you are meant to be! I love working with all ages, young children, families and individuals. 

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What people are saying...


On a recommendation from an acquaintance, we sought assistance from Amanda to deal with our 16yr old’s deteriorating attitude and general unhappiness.

This was the best thing we could have done! Amanda has a natural grasp of identifying underlying issues and also put all parties at ease and my daughter was able to voice her feelings in quite a raw manner that enabled us (as separated parents) to gain an appreciation of underlying issues contributing to the situation.

Relationships are now back on track and everyone is happier and more understanding.

I would highly recommend this service.

Lisa McKenzie

Before seeing Amanda my daughter had been to three counsellors, two of them said to us that they were unable to help us any more as they had tried everything that they knew.

Amanda has been the biggest blessing to our family, she helped my daughter and myself. She was able to turn my daughter's life around and today she is a much better child. Amanda gave her the skills and techniques to control her emotions and situations she found challenging. She was able to connect with my daughter when no one else was able to. Thank you so much Amanda I don't know where our family would be today if it wasn't for you. You never gave up when things got tough.

Vickie Sheath

My two children, eight-year-old twins, absolutely love the classes! It has increased their confidence and taught them strategies to deal with the issues that life throws at them. When we started with KIDS LIFE ACADEMY they were both very reserved and leaned on each other for support - Amanda has helped them to become independent of each other and to develop their own strengths and abilities.