The Universe has led you to me,
so let's make great things happen!

I know you didn't wake up this morning to be mediocre...
And that's why you have found me!


Amanda Staniford, Expansion Coach.

I love life and people and in particular young people!

I have an extensive and holistic background in education, developmental coaching and the arts. I made the decision to work for myself when I started my family twenty years ago. I wanted to explore my parenting and educational philosophies [which were quite different to the mainstream]. Twenty years on and many, many, ‘Rock Solid Kids’ created, I can honestly say that taking a step out in faith was the best decision I ever made. I see things differently and that is my strength! A strength that is required in a world where young people are challenged more than ever on a daily basis.


Working with children and adults to help them see their true potential and embrace it fully.

Being human means life presents us with many challenges on a daily basis - physical, mental, spiritual and financial. How do we manage these? How do we put these daily challenges into a perspective that feels good? 


Expansion has always been my thing!

With the purpose of expanding others and opening them up to what is possible for them I created several businesses, teaching both children and adults how to view the world from the eyes of their true potential. Twenty years on and many, many, lives positively changed in the process I can honestly say that taking a step out in faith to become an entrepreneur was the best decision I ever made.

I'd love to work with you or your children, to help you/them out of that rut and into a new attitude and way of life!