Child Related Services


To bring out their true potential
and overcome any challenges.


Kids Life Academy

I teach emotional intelligence, mindfulness, gratitude, imagination creation, positive thinking, dream building and most importantly how to develop a relationship with self.

I am the one who can walk in a child's shoes and know exactly where it is that they have been. I know their path and I know the thinking that has taken them on their journey. More importantly, I can quickly get them walking even running if they wish in a direction that will bring them joy, ease, satisfaction and control.


I can do all of this from my years of working in the fields of Educational Kinesiology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Education, Life Mastery Coaching and Speech and Drama. 

Child and
Family Coaching

It is often difficult for parents to know where to seek help when they meet a parenting challenge.

In my private coaching practice, I work with families to assist with all child related challenges, including Academic, Behavioural, Mental health, Separation, Blended families, Health, Truancy, Social relationships, Confidence, Selective Mutism and more.

I work very intuitively with each individual and their family. This allows me to not only resolve the current issues at hand but to ensure the child and family leave with positive tools in their toolbox to face future challenges with ease and grace.

$170 per session

One or more sessions may be required