Kids Life Academy


To bring out their true potential
and overcome any challenges.


  Dreambuilder Kids  

Kids learning that what is within them is far greater than anything in their surroundings!

This class through a multitude of activities gives kids the skills and knowledge to bring their dreams into physical form. The process I use in this class has countless flow on effects in the areas of self-belief, self – management and confidence.

*Open to all ages

  Rock Solid
Kids & Teens  

Creation, Imagination and Visualisation are key tools in this class. This is a drama class with a difference!

All students will collaboratively contribute to a term script outline. All scripts are all designed to teach EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE skills. This class showcases their work to an audience in the final week of each term.

*Separate classes for primary
and teens

  Stones of

This class has an internal focus, working on internal skills such as personal energy awareness, conscious communication, character building, mindset, positive psychology. This class is beneficial for all children. It will assist children suffering with…                                                          

  • anxiety,

  • low self- esteem,

  • depression

*Open to all ages

  of Bravery  

This class has an external focus, working on skills that assist beyond yourself i.e. your circumstances. This class has numerous benefits for everyone. It is assist children dealing with…                        

  • Bullying

  • Feeling like they are not heard

  • Fears

  • Speech difficulties

  • Social difficulties

*Open to all ages

  Sands of

The skills of relaxation and gratitude that are taught in this class are beneficial for all children. They are supportive for children who…             

  • Need to learn the skills to switch off

  • ADHD

  • Very scheduled children who require a break in their week

  • On devices a great deal

  • Transition between two households

*Open to all ages

  Jewels &  Gemstones  

This is a class catering for children with individual needs. As a specialist teacher in this area I wanted to create an environment of fun, learning and exploration of who we are as individuals.

This class will provide each child the opportunity to take part in drama/music programme that reveals and establishes the true foundation of talents in each child. I work very intuitively in this programme and I will be guided by the direction the class in the programme planning.

A note for parents considering this class for their child. There is nothing like this available currently as an after school programme. This will extend your child in ways you have not witnessed yet. Spaces are limited.

*Open to all ages

Pebbles of Possibility

As parents we all want our children to have the best start possible to school. This class will do just that in a holistic way. I have created a gorgeous programme for littlies that will ensure their minds, bodies and spirits are ready for school. I teach them about their emotions and their senses. How to firstly recognise and label them and then to know that feeling good is important! We will explore the basics of early literacy through drama and music and your pre-schoolers will know without a doubt that they are AMAZING!

*3 and 4 years

Class Schedule, Term 1

8th Feb - 16th April 2021